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Gentlemen, face masks are highly efficient at eliminating dirt, oil, and other impurities, as well as fighting the nasty bacteria that hide beneath the top layers of the epidermis. Aside from that, they function as a quick solution for your skin concerns and represent an ideal product for healing and regenerating your skin, leaving you with a softer, firmer complexion and a distinct radiant glow.

However, the endless variety of skincare products can be confusing, and can even demotivate the average Joe from starting a routine. Different ingredients, price ranges, and puzzling promises can all be difficult questions to answer when looking for the best product to meet your needs. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a simplified list of the 13 best face masks for men. Read on and you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

1. Blu Atlas | Purifying Face Mask

(Blu Atlas) | Purifying Face Mask

A good cleanser and moisturizing lotion are usually all that’s required to keep your face fresh, cleanse your pores, and remove any dead skin or blackheads. But, if you’re serious about improving your skin’s tone, retaining its elasticity, and looking younger, you’ll just need one more thing: Blu Atlas’ award-winning face mask. Blu Atlas is committed not just to producing the best men’s skincare formulas money can buy, but also to using only natural components. All of their products are free of silicone, parabens, and other artificial and harmful chemicals. Their face mask formula contains high-quality ingredients like goji berry extract and kaolin clay, which work in harmony to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin. You’ll also find a special algae extract that provides reparative beta-carotene and an extra kick of antioxidant protection. The product is a true “quick facial in a jar” that is suitable for all skin types. In need of a confidence boost? Just apply this kaolin clay-based product to brighten up your tired and dull-looking skin.

2. Jaxon Lane | Bro Mask

(Jaxon Lane) | Bro Mask

Jaxon Lane’s Bro Mask, cherished by mask enthusiasts across the world, earns its rightful spot on our list. Many sheet masks are sloppy, dripping with substance, or too dried out to be useful. But this cooling hydrogel face mask has a thick gel-like texture that sticks to your skin, rapidly refreshes it, and locks in moisture. Further, the Bro Mask fights inflammation and smoothes out deep wrinkles by firming up your skin.

This mask is packed with hydrating ingredients like niacinamide, collagen, and hyaluronic acid—exactly what your skin needs when it’s dehydrated and shows first signs of aging. Green tea extract and licorice root extract will soothe sensitive skin, prevent irritation, and reduce the effects of sun damage. Seaweed extract and a combination of vitamins will boost collagen regeneration.

In about ten to fifteen minutes, you will notice how much more vibrant, healthy, and youthful your skin looks. The product comes in two pieces, allowing bearded guys to treat only the top half of their faces.

So, if you’re still having trouble convincing a loved one to try a face mask, offer him a Bro Mask by Jaxon Lane. Its minimalistic and stylish packaging design will not only make an ideal gift, but will also lure him into the world of skincare.

3. Every Man Jack | Activated Charcoal 2-in-1 Scrub + Mask

(Every Man Jack) | Activated Charcoal 2-in-1 Scrub + Mask

You might be shocked to learn that charcoal is used for more than just grilling delicious steaks. It’s a powerful facial care ingredient that reduces acne and blackheads. It also cleans your face of any toxins, dead cells, and excess oil, leaving it squeaky clean.

Easy to understand, this Every Man Jack product functions as both a face mask and a facial scrub. It’s a streamlined solution for men who don’t enjoy wasting time remembering which skincare product goes after which. And wait until you hear that it’s only $10 per tube. The product’s fragrance-free formula makes it a perfect choice for sensitive skin, as it does not irritate the nostrils or cause headaches.

What’s more, this highly-rated product is available not only in a tube with cream-like consistency but also as a face sheet mask. Whether you don’t have enough time or are simply too lazy to keep up with a skincare routine that requires time, water, a sink, and a towel, all you need is an Every Man Jack face sheet mask for an effective and easier cleaning.

4. New York Biology | Dead Sea Mud Mask

(Amazon)| New York Biology, Dead Sea Mud Mask

Dead Sea Mud Mask by New York Biology is one of the best-selling mud masks on Amazon. This comes does not come as a surprise, as this mineral-infused mud mask feels like butter on your skin and delivers mind-blowing results after just one application!

In fact, you can have your own tiny bit of luxurious mud from the Dead Sea for only $15. The formula features magnesium, aloe vera, chamomile extract, vitamin A, sunflower seeds, and jojoba oil to effectively clean pores, absorb all dirt, and relieve inflammation. It’s a true multitasker that promotes soft, fresh, even, and clean skin. And unlike most of the best face masks for men on this list, this delicate formula can be used daily.

With the Dead Sea Mud Mask at your disposal, you may be able to save money on a pricey spa visit because this mask truly makes you feel like you’re treating yourself.

5. Kiehl’s | Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask

(Kiehl’s)| Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask

An all-time favorite among fitness gurus and influencers, avocado fruit earned its hype due to its rich vitamins that are key for healthy, glowing skin. With that in mind, Kiehl’s has created the Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask as an essential superfood for your face.

The mask contains numerous vitamins to protect your skin against toxins and combat the early signs of aging. The creamy texture is rich in nourishing nutrients like calendula, sunflower seed oil, and silky avocado fruit extract. It glides over your face like butter and immediately absorbs into skin, leaving no stickiness or residue. The formula also plays an important role in promoting collagen and elastin, two structural elements that keep the skin plump and firm.

Hydration is essential for a healthy complexion, and the mask’s creators guarantee that it will improve skin hydration by 29% after just 15 minutes of use, which makes it a perfect product for men with extremely dry skin. Moreover, it’s fun to use as it looks like a cute tiny guacamole in a jar, with a bright and lovely green color and a pleasant aroma. It’s so moisturizing that you only need to use it once a week to keep your skin lush and nourished.

6. Brickell | Purifying Charcoal Face Mask

(Amazon)| Brickell, Purifying Charcoal Face Mask

Brickell avoids synthetic ingredients in its men’s formulas, instead favoring organic, natural components. This highly-rated face mask contains charcoal and kaolin clay extracts, which remove oils, secretions, and dirt from the skin while also acting as cleansing agents to remove impurities and decrease blemishes. The formula also features aloe leaf juice, an exfoliant that can help to unclog pores, and vitamin E, which moisturizes the skin and helps to reduce the presence of acne-causing germs on your face. The mask is ideal for all skin types, including if you’re acne-prone, suffer from clogged pores, as the formula is 100% natural and organic and meant to gently cleanse even the most sensitive of faces. The product has a very thick consistency and can be a bit difficult to spread on your face. But once you apply it, you will immediately feel a calming sensation as the purifying charcoal draws out and absorbs toxins. While it might be on the pricey side, investing in this Purifying Charcoal Face Mask by Brickell will boost your skin quality and will make you look fresh and healthy in the long run.

7. Aesop | Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque

(Aesop) | Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque

If you need a quick fix for your dull and tired face, this Aesop product is the perfect emergency solution. Its weightless and watery gel texture makes it easy to apply when in a rush for an instant hydration boost. Want to stay in bed for another 15 minutes? No need to worry; this cream is so gentle on the skin that you can even use it overnight.

The product contains a soothing blend of rosemary leaf oil, chamomile oil, and ginger root extract to provide anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to hydrate the skin’s outer layers, improving overall complexion and filling in fine lines and wrinkles.

The herbal scent provides a natural aromatherapy session that helps to relax your nerves and gets you ready for the day ahead. Don’t balk at the price tag; this Aesop gem is a worthwhile investment you will not regret.

8. Baxter of California | Clay Mask AHA

(Amazon)| Baxter of California, Clay Mask AHA

If you start asking yourself why your skin looks so pale, dull, and basically lifeless, it’s time you pick up and buy a clay mask. Clay masks are endorsed by almost everyone, from celebrities to everyday men. Because clay has a natural tendency to absorb impurities, it helps unclog your pores while reducing the appearance of blemishes and providing you with a luminous glow.

Clay Mask AHA by Baxter of California promises to boost your skin’s health, remove dirt, and restore your complexion. Calendula extract and witch hazel, two of the key ingredients in addition to the clay complex, improve skin hydration and firmness while relieving irritation, damage, and inflammation. Other natural ingredients, including avocado oil and aloe vera, nourish and moisturize the skin, leaving it smooth and revitalized.

Feeling refreshed and energized in the morning is crucial as you prepare for the long day ahead, and this Baxter product will get you there. The 100 mL tube provides a generous amount of product, as you only need a little per application. Stop spending money on professional facials and instead get this clay mask to keep your pores at bay and make your skin glow naturally.

9. Rugged & Dapper | Detoxifying Mineral Clay Facial Treatment Mask

(Price Pulse)| Rugged & Dapper, Detoxifying Mineral Clay Facial Treatment Mask

Our environment can have negative effects on our skin. We’re exposed to wind, sun, dry air, and pollutants on a daily basis, and our skin serves as our first line of defense against these elements. As a result of getting constantly pounded, your skin loses moisture, which contributes to irritation and aging signs. Perhaps you have tried a number of face lotions and creams but they have never really worked the way you needed them to. Spice things up with this award-winning Rugged & Dapper product.

This product earns big points for its combination of natural and extremely effective components like kaolin clay, aloe vera extract, and sea kelp, as well as highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

This special formula is ideal for sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic and free of known irritants. So, if you’re looking for a product to open the pores, deep clean, and make your skin look and feel better, we recommend giving Rugged & Dapper a try; we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

10. Bulldog | Oil Control Face Mask

(Amazon)| Bulldog, Oil Control Face Mask

If your face feels like it’s melting off, is slick, and has a noticeable shine to it, consider adding Bulldog’s Oil Control Face Mask to your skincare routine. This solution, which is budget- and eco-friendly, will alleviate your pores and pimples, removing excess oil and thoroughly cleansing your face.

Bulldog’s products are known for having natural and uncomplicated ingredient lists. This mask is no exception, as it contains witch hazel, willow bark, and a blend of three natural clays: Kaolin, Cornish, and Volcanus. This potent combination will soothe and calm irritated and inflamed skin.

It is simple to use: just squeeze a liberal drop onto your palms and rub onto your face, wait about 10 minutes, and then rinse the product off. The product hardens as you wait, but it does not cause a harsh tightening feeling or post-wash irritation; it does not totally eliminate essential oils from your skin, and it does not damage your skin barrier.

For gentlemen who are prone to excess oil, this top-rated Bulldog product is an obvious choice.

11. Hetime | Revitalizing & Hydrating Face Mask

(Hetime) | Revitalizing & Hydrating Face Mask

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing wrong with having wrinkles, but there’s also nothing wrong with attempting to make your skin look younger and firmer. Even if you’re not a high-maintenance guy, the sooner you start paying attention to the health and beauty of your skin, the better you’ll look in the future. One of the first things you can do is to pick up a revitalizing face mask, to use in the morning or before going to bed. When creating their innovative sheet masks for men, the team at Hetime considered the biological characteristics of men’s skin. They understood that men have higher collagen density than women, causing wrinkles to appear later in life. However, these wrinkles are typically deeper, making a proactive revitalizing component essential to every middle-aged man’s skincare routine. Hetime’s sheet mask is filled with natural components and environmentally friendly ingredients, including moringa leaf extract, cedar oil, and baobab tree oil, which are extremely delicate while still offering outstanding hydration and moisture effects. Men will love the mask’s shape, as it is slightly larger than a regular mask and has cutouts around the chin and jaw, allowing it to be comfortably placed around beards. This Revitalizing & Hydrating Face Mask by Hetime is your perfect way into the world of skin and self-care.

12. Ursa Major | Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask

(Ursa Major) | Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask

Whether you’re just starting your skincare journey or are already a face mask expert, you cannot go wrong with an Ursa Major product.

Unlike other brands that require you to leave the mask on your face for at least 15 minutes, this quick yet effective Ursa Major treatment takes just a few minutes to visibly improve your skin’s tone, elasticity, and firmness. Thanks to a rich blend of exfoliating and smoothing ingredients including pomegranate enzymes, hibiscus, and aspen bark extract, this mask revitalizes your face, brightens it, and combats dullness.

It also has a wonderful tropical scent with notes of pineapple, coffee, and orange, so you’ll get all the skincare benefits you need while smelling fresh. A face mask loaded with such a nice blend of aromatic ingredients will definitely elevate your spirits and brighten your mood. Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask is the real “use it once and see results” kind of deal.

13. Particle | Face Mask Deep Cleanser

(Amazon)| Particle, Face Mask Deep Cleanser

Your thirsty and dry skin will drink this moisturizing mask right up. While Particle’s Deep Cleansing Mask for Men raises the bar with its price, it delivers shockingly good results and represents a nearly perfect mask for men.

The innovative and advanced formula was created specifically for men’s skin, and acts to remove layers of dead cells, pull out all impurities and dirt, and firm and renew the skin. The mineral mud from the Dead Sea gently cleanses clogged pores, making this mask a must-have for dry skin. It also contains aloe vera, panthenol, and kaolin, which provide gentle exfoliation and soothing effects.

If you’re skeptical about the effectiveness of skincare, this mask will undoubtedly change your mind by bringing instant results and revealing baby-soft skin you never knew you had. The brand is offering deep discounts for orders of two or three units, so stock up and save on this incredibly effective product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should men use face masks?

Skincare products are no longer solely the prerogative of women. Over the last few years, the global market for men’s beauty has expanded dramatically, adding more products for men to use. By now, it’s pretty obvious that taking care of your appearance, protecting your skin, and addressing blemishes and dark spots do not diminish your masculinity.

Ordinary men typically have only a few bottles on their vanity, such as a cleanser, post-shave, and, if they’re lucky, a moisturizer. But as you get older, you realize that men’s faces also age; they’re just as susceptible as women’s faces to harmful sun rays, acne, and blackheads. If you’re serious about looking and feeling your best, adding a quality product from the above list of the best face masks for men is a solid first step.

We admit: face masks may not appear as a necessary step in a man’s skincare journey. However, when used on a regular basis, face masks make a significant difference in overall skin quality. They “seal in” the effectiveness and advantages of skincare products—as an additional step to your cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing routines. When active mask ingredients are placed directly onto the skin for some time (typically from 10 to 20 minutes), they are fully and thoroughly absorbed into your skin, nourishing it and firming the overall texture.

Face masks not only lock in moisture, but they also improve the appearance of your skin and deeply address any skin concerns such as pores, dryness, dullness, and excess oils. Finally, they are also pretty enjoyable to use.

However, they are most effective when they can penetrate deeply into the skin, which is why it is critical to use face masks that are specifically designed for men. Recall that men’s skin is around 25% tougher than female skin.

What face mask is best for men?

After being convinced to add a face mask to your skincare arsenal, you head to the nearby drugstore and are confronted with an overwhelming selection on the shelves. There are sheet masks, mud masks, clay masks, gel masks, and peel-off masks. How do you decide what is best for you?

That’s difficult to answer, since face masks are all designed to address different skin conditions and therefore come in a variety of applications and types. Selecting the proper one is just as crucial as using one. Since a face mask is not a one-size-fits-all type of product, you should start by defining your skin type (dry, oily, or sensitive) and the issues you want to address (skin elasticity, aging lines, dryness, etc.).

If you have oily skin, your primary goal is to remove excess oil and obtain a matte appearance. In that case, a clay or activated charcoal mask might be a fantastic choice, as these products deeply detoxify, draw out impurities, and absorb oils from the surface of your skin.

When it comes to dry skin, thick and leathery gel masks or sheet masks may be worth a look because they truly nourish, soothe, relax, and have anti-wrinkle effects. Just make sure hyaluronic acid is on the ingredient list. Another amazing advantage is that sheet masks are only designed for single application and are individually packaged, which makes them quite convenient to use.

If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you should try using a purifying charcoal mask, as its antibacterial effects will help to eliminate toxins from your face while also unclogging your pores and removing blackheads. Keep in mind that these masks may cause your skin to dry up, so we do not recommend using them on a daily basis.

If you have normal skin, you can focus on the main goal of maintaining a youthful, fresh, and healthy shine on your face. Look for anti-aging and moisturizing masks that also enhance elasticity and stimulate collagen production.

How do I use a face mask?

Cleanse your face with your preferred face wash and pat it dry with a towel. If you’re using a cream or gel-like mask, apply an even layer all over your face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas, and leave on for 10-20 minutes (check the package for the exact recommended time). If you’re using a face sheet mask, carefully remove it from its packaging and gently unfold it without damaging it; then, line up the mask and softly press it to the shape of your face until it sticks evenly.

Now you can relax and let the mask work its magic while you watch an episode of your favorite Netflix program, browse social media, or simply sit back and rest on the couch enjoying a cocktail.

When the time is up, gently rinse it with warm water. Do not scrub or scratch your face. A rigorous post-mask scrubbing will not only remove key active ingredients, but it will also strip your skin, bringing irritation and excessive dryness.

How often should I use a face mask?

In general, you should apply your face mask only once or twice per week, but it’s important to read through the product instructions, as certain masks have delicate formulae that are suitable for everyday use. Don’t overdo it, as face masks tend to dry the skin’s surface. It makes no difference whether you use a face mask in the morning or at night; everyone makes their own decision based on their schedule and personal preferences.

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