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I have Gen Z to thank for providing the subject matter of about half my polarizing conversations. The ubiquity of low-rise jeans, the re-emergence of claw clips, and spaghetti straps (the ultimate summer savior). Thanks to the teenage/early 20s set, all my childhood beauty icons are back in vogue, too—and because I marathoned Blue Crush more often than I’d care to admit, glow-inducing summer face masks are now at the top of my beauty “to-buy” list.

I love that my surfer-chic obsession is now dubbed the #CoconutGirl, fresh-faced makeup is labeled the “clean look,” and while I can’t get on board with the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic, these endless reiterations are reminders that no matter the decade, there are certain beauty looks that never go out of style.

During the summer, when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, we’re suddenly clamoring to get that radiant, natural glow. But the misguided skin secrets like tinfoil tans and DIY concoctions of yore are out. What’s in? Keeping it simple—and summer face masks will be your ultimate ticket to glowing skin.

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Of course, skin health is a year-round endeavor. And it’s more than just topical. You have to drink your water, take your supplements, and maybe even go in for the occasional facial or preventative treatment. But summer is my time to shine. Yes, I’m after that lit-from-within glow. And while it does take some effort, the journey to reaching my summer skin goals is half the fun.

In all my years of pursuing that enviable summer glow, I’ve perfected a routine that gets me pretty close. Despite the warm-weather skin stressors—days in the sun, long nights out—the summer skin of our dreams is within reach. Below is your ultimate guide to summer face masks that’ll give you your glowiest summer yet.

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What are the benefits of face masks?

A good skincare routine can be a simple one. But if you’re seeking something a little extra, summer face masks help target specific issues, fast. To be clear, face masks are not miracle workers. But they do work wonders. If you don’t want to splurge on pricey salon treatments, face masks are a fun and accessible alternative.

Are face masks worth it?

After all, how much can a product do if it’s only on your face for ten minutes at a time? You’d be surprised! Studies have shown that face masks help all those good ingredients sink deeper into your skin in a short amount of time. Face masks deliver a more concentrated dose of active ingredients to your skin than other products. Plus, with some actives like exfoliating acids or thick occlusive oils, you don’t want to leave them on for too long. A mask is a middle ground—the best of both worlds.

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Which face mask is best for summer?

In the summer, your skin undergoes plenty of stress. Spending more time outdoors means more exposure to pollution and sweating through your sunscreen can lead to congestion, (not to mention sunburns—ouch!). Summer face masks can quickly address all these concerns—and more.

The secret is listening to your skin and responding to what it needs. Face masks can quickly address your specific skin needs and help maintain optimal skin health. From sheet masks before events to detoxing masks after a long sunscreen-soaked day, there’s a face mask for everything—and the best summer face masks below prove it.

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The Best Summer Face Masks for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Best Hydrating Face Masks

Heat = hydration. Drink more water in the summer and be sure to give your skin the same treatment. Cooling, soothing, hydrating masks beat dryness and keep your skin dewy. Look for hydrating ingredients like circa, jojoba, ceramides, and shea butter.

Best Detoxifying Masks

Start fresh this summer with a detox mask. Coax out all the gunk and impurities in your face for a clean slate with one of these gentle but effective detox masks.

Best Masks for Acne

Face masks are a great, targeted solution for acne—especially in the summer when sweat can build up on the surface of your skin and excess sebum abounds. Choose a clarifying mask to help regulate oil production and soothe active inflammation.

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Best Nourishing Face Masks

Be sure you’re giving your skin much-needed nutrients to replenish your skin barrier, support hydration and elasticity, and combat environmental stressors. Masks packed with antioxidants and superfoods soothe and protect your skin to keep it healthy in the long term.

Best Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliation is one of my favorite parts of my skincare routine. It’s also one of the most instantly gratifying. A good chemical or physical exfoliator transforms my skin instantly. But be warned, it can be tempting to overdo it. Resist the urge to over-exfoliate with harsh, daily products by implementing an exfoliating mask for targeted resurfacing.

Best Brightening Masks

For the ultimate glow, opt for products rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, plus exfoliants to buff away any dullness. These active ingredients can be pretty intense, so a mask is a good way to get all the benefits without compromising your skin barrier. Who doesn’t want to look like they’re always illuminated by a ring light?

Best Retinol Mask

Retinol doesn’t have to be scary. Use it in your routine once a week with a face mask. Retinol stimulates cell turnover to encourage collagen and elastin production while healing signs of sun damage. Remember: When it comes to retinol masks, start slow.

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