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You know by now that wearing a face mask is an incredibly important tool for protecting yourself and others from illnesses like COVID. That said, for people who wear glasses, masks have caused the teensiest annoyance: foggy lenses. But don’t worry, experts have some clutch recommendations for the best face masks for accommodating glasses.

Why it happens: “Wearing a mask can cause the warm, moist air from our breath to migrate towards glasses lenses,” says Christina Rapp Prescott, MD, PhD, a cornea and refractive surgery specialist at the NYU Langone Eye Center. “Since the glasses lenses are colder than the exhaled air, water vapor droplets form on the lenses,” she notes, causing your glasses to be covered with moisture.

Typical cloth masks—and even some surgical masks—do not have a good enough seal to block moisture from leaking through, says John Whyte, MD, a physician and the chief medical officer at WebMD. “If you loosen the mask thinking that will help, you will get frustrated quickly since that will continue to make hot air go towards your glasses,” Dr. Whyte explains.

Switching up your mask to a better-fitting option and implementing a few quick tips should help stop your glasses from getting foggy, though, Dr. Whyte notes.

How To Prevent Glasses From Fogging Up When Wearing A Mask

In addition to wearing better-fitting, tighter masks that block moisture from escaping out the sides, there are other ways to prevent your glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask. Check out these handy tips from experts:

  • Make sure your mask has a metal nose clip. This allows for you to pinch the metal into a shape that tightly fits your face, preventing air from escaping at the top of the mask, which causes fogging, Dr. Whyte says.
  • Use tape or a band aid to seal your mask. Dr. Prescott’s favorite tip for preventing fog is to use tape or a Band-Aid to seal the mask across your nose. By doing this, the air will not route towards your lenses, blocking your vision.
  • Try anti-fog lens cleaner. Yup, using anti-fog spray can help prevent your glasses from retaining moisture, Dr. Prescott says. All you need to do is apply the spray before you put on your mask and you should be covered for hours. And bonus: You can spray this on *any* surface that fogs up, such as bathroom mirrors and car windows, too.
  • Buy foam strips to wear across your nose. You can buy masks that contain foam strips across the nose area that help reduce fogging, Dr. Prescott says. You can also buy the foam bridge pads separately online, and then add them to the medical-grade masks you already have.

    The 15 Best Face Masks For Glasses

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        1 Health Care 1870+ Respirator Mask


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        This is Dr. Prescott’s favorite mask. The flat fold design fits snugly around your nose and mouth area, and the behind-the-head straps make it airtight for sealing in moisture and preventing fog. Plus, yep, these are N95 filters for maximum virus protection.

        2 KN95 Face Mask With Metal Nose Bridge


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        As Dr. Whyte mentioned, you’ll want to look for masks that have a metal clasp at the nose bridge to ensure you have the snuggest seal possible. These masks provide just that, and they have ear loops instead of around-the-head straps, in case that’s your preference. And yes, these are KN95 standard masks that will filter our more than 95 percent of particles if worn properly.

        3 Adult Sports Mask

        Under Armour

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        For anyone who needs to wear a mask while you exercise, this Under Armour sports-style mask is a fan-favorite, with over 38,000 positive reviews on Amazon. It fits tightly around the face and comes in a variety of sizes to ensure best fit and no fogging. The structure is also firm, so it won’t be sucked toward your mouth as you breathe.

        Just note this: you’ll need to wear a medical-grade mask over this one to ensure maximum protection.

        4 KN95 Face Mask In Various Colors


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        These KN95, 5-ply masks comes in various colors (for when you’re bored of white and black) and have over 6,400 reviews on Amazon. They have a metal nose bridge that you can pinch closed and, because of the tight fit, they prevent air and moisture from escaping that would fog your glasses.

        5 Fabric Mask Set Loop

        If you’re looking for cloth masks to wear under medical-grade ones, this checkered fabric set is a great choice. The bridge has a metal section sewed in and adjustable ear loops so that you can make the mask as secure as possible. (And the cute pattern doesn’t hurt either, hah.)

        6 100-Count Disposable Face Masks


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        Face masks aren’t going anywhere, so it makes sense if you’d prefer to buy yours in bulk. Lucky for you, these medical-grade masks come in packs of 100, and they all have a metal nose bridge for adjusting the fit to your face. And yep, they’re pretty darn popular on Amazon: The masks have garnered nearly 36,000 positive reviews.

        7 Anti-fog Disposable Face Mask for Glasses Wearers

        As mentioned, Dr. Prescott recommends using tape or foam to block air from escaping your mask. Good news, though: These specific masks were created with anti-fog structure in mind. There’s a fog-blocking plate built into the mask that you can bend to fit your nose and face structure to block air from coming up underneath.

        8 Fog-Free Disposable Procedure Masks


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        These disposable masks have a thick, sturdy, medical-grade fabric, come in an orange-tinted shade, and use elastic loops that go around your ears for a secure fit. The mask is pleated to stretch over your full nose and mouth, and it comes with a metal bridge to seal air inside.

        9 Masks With Sponge Anti-Fog Nose Bridge Pads


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        Looking for a mask with a built-in sponge, per recommendations by experts? These masks have just that, with a foam material attached to the nose bridge. Plus, yep, these are medical-grade masks and they come with a mask extender so that you can tighten your mask for best possible facial fit.

        10 KN95 Respirator With Individual Wrap

        This KN95 is ideal for those who prefer loop-around elastic bands instead of ones that go around the ears. These masks also have a reinforced seam and a metal nose bridge and a super snug fit to maximize viral protection and anti-fog.

        11 3D Anti Fogging Adjustable Cloth Face Mask

        Need another cloth face mask that will fit tightly around your face? These are designed with anti-fog in mind, with adjustable ear loops and a metal nose bridge built in the fabric. And yep, just be sure to wear a medical-grade mask above this one to ensure maximum protection.

        12 Dual Layer Face Cover with Replaceable Inserts

        Honeywell Safety Products

        With adjustable ear loops, a nose clip, and a 4-way stretch, this mask won’t be collapsing on you as you go about your day. It fits tight around the face and, for maximum protection, it comes with eight replaceable inserts that you can place inside the mask for more particle filtration.

        13 Washable Cloth Face Mask for Glasses Wearers

        This cloth face mask was designed specifically with glasses-wearers in mind. How? It has extra piece of cloth that acts as a nose guard to block moisture from escaping the mask. And yes, it has a metal nose bridge and adjustable ear loops for best fit purposes. (Don’t forget to wear a medical-grade mask over this, though!)

        14 5-Layer Disposable KN95 Face Masks


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        Another classic KN95 for your repertoire, this pack comes with 30 different white, gray, and black face masks to add to your supply. The ear loops are elastic, the nose bridge has an adjustable metal frame, and these masks have earned over 11,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

        15 Good Comfort KN95 Face Mask

        GOOD MASK CO.

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        These KN95 fact masks have material that extends above the nose—which is great for blocking moisture from reaching your glasses. And if you prefer to buy in bulk, these black masks come in c0unts of 25 per order.

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