19 Best Overnight Masks for Smoother and Brighter Skin – Who What Wear

My skin normally has its bouts of dryness, which can be pretty annoying, but now, I am more in tune with it to know what I can do to prevent any dryness and what to do when it gets rough, peel-y, irritated, and a little red. I have my favorite products on rotation for its different needs, but one thing I have been doing the past year that’s really been helping is using an overnight face mask at least once a week. And, boy, has it made a difference.

I used to apply nighttime masks only when I needed it—and my go-to has always been Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask. But when I started using it on the regular, I found that it helped protect my skin against any dryness and really rejuvenated it. Talk about a weekly pick-me-up!

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