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Check out this ayurvedic powder face mask made of turmeric, sandalwood, rose petals, and orange peels to brighten the summer skin. Inspired by Indian bridal beauty secrets, it’s a mix of potent herbs to help the skin relax. It also works if you want to even out that stubborn beach tan. Mix it with rose water/yoghurt/milk/aloe vera or plain water if you are in a hurry. Apply to moist skin. We suggest misting your face with rose water for best results.

Shankara Calming Mask with Seabuckthorn and Calendula

6 Cooling face masks to try for sunstressed skin

This alga-aloe gel mask soothes and calms sensitive skin for instant, cooling relief. The blue chamomile and cucumber ease temporary redness and irritation, while the sea buckthorn oil nourishes and hydrates. It works for all skin types.

iS Clinical Hydra Cool Mask

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Looking for a reinvigorating, hydrating and soothing mask? Add this iS Clinical Hydra Cool Mask to your vanity stat. This gel formula only takes 5 minutes to start healing and repairing the skin with hydrating heroes ingredients like hyaluronic acid, rosemary leaf oil and aloe vera. Beyond nurturing dry skin, this mask will also leave burst of refreshment to counter the boiling heat. 

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