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ATLANTA (WGCL/CBS46) After wearing face masks for nearly two years to curb the spread of COVID-19, researchers have discovered people look more attractive in their protective gear.

Professors from Cardiff University assessed how different types of masks “changed attractiveness” among a group of 40 men.

Women judged each man’s face across four scenarios: without a mask, while wearing a cloth mask, while wearing a blue medical face mask and while holding a plain black book covering the area a face mask would conceal.

Researchers found blue medical mask wearers were found most attractive. And men were judged to look better with a face covering obscuring the lower half of their faces.

“This may be because we’re used to healthcare workers wearing blue masks and now we associate these with people in caring or medical professions,” said Dr. Michael Lewis, from Cardiff’s School of Psychology in a news release.

The ongoing pandemic continues to be a time most people feel vulnerable.

“We may find the wearing of medical masks reassuring, and so feel more positive towards the wearer,” Lewis said.

Prior to March 2020, research shows face masks reduced attractiveness.

Researchers are convinced the pandemic has changed the psychology in how we perceive people who wear masks. So instead of assuming someone has a disease, we’re more prone to think they care about the health of others.

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