Grab 30 Peach & Lily face masks for just $25 (save $49) – CNET

Peach & Lily

Need to indulge yourself or just need a bit of relief during harsh weather? Try a face mask — the skin care type. If you’re game to get 30 face masks for an affordable price, then Peach Slices, one of my favorite K-beauty brands, will give you just that for $25, saving you $49.

While I haven’t tried these face masks, I have used Peach Slices’ Snail Rescue Trio, which is a three-step routine with a toner, an oil-free moisturizer and a wash-off mask. In just a few sessions, these three products produced brighter and smoother skin. So, I’m willing to believe these face masks will benefit skin that’s been exposed to cold, dry weather easily. Head over to Peach & Lily if you want to get your hands on quality skin care masks today.

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