Health ministry to decide if use of face masks should continue indoors, says Muhyiddin – MalaysiaNow

A decision on whether to abolish the use of face masks in enclosed spaces will be looked into and made by the health ministry, National Recovery Council (MPN) chairman Muhyiddin Yassin says.

He said the MPN meeting yesterday had raised the issue of whether the use of face masks was still necessary if the Covid-19 situation improves further to Deputy Health Minister Dr Noor Azmi Ghazali.

“He (Dr Noor Azmi) said the ministry will closely study the matter. This is not just because Singapore has done it, and so we have to as well,” Muhyiddin told a press conference after chairing the meeting in Putrajaya.
Singaporeans are no longer required to wear face masks except on public transport and in healthcare facilities. 

Muhyiddin said that wearing a face mask was the best way to prevent Covid-19 infection.

“It has already become a habit for people in this country after two years of dealing with the pandemic.

“I believe the use of face masks has become more of a habit than a compulsion. If and when the time comes that it is not made compulsory, the people can still continue to use them if they want to feel safe,” he said.

On the implementation of the 2022 Tourism Recovery Plan launched by the tourism, arts and culture ministry in May, Muhyiddin said that the four-year recovery period proposed was too long.

The former prime minister suggested that the ministry be more aggressive in its plans and actions as failure to revive the tourism industry in a strong manner would affect the country’s economic recovery. 

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