Here’s How To Avoid A Face Mask Drying Out Your Skin – Glam

Most dermatologists recommend that people cleanse and moisturize their skin before they use a face mask. In addition, face mask users should also be sure to wash and moisturize their face once a mask is removed (via Honor Health). They should consider moisturizing with products that contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid to put back into the skin any properties that the mask may remove. Another suggestion is to buy face masks that are specifically made for hydrating skin. Look for similar ingredients to the moisturizers like glycerin and panthenol, but vitamin C is another beneficial ingredient as well (via The Derm Review).

If you’re prone to dry, flaky skin, stay away from the clays and muds that can intensify the dryness. If you already have dry skin, opt for hydrating gels and even overnight masks (via Insider). These are designed to keep moisture in overnight, assuring you won’t lose hydration in your skin. Because the skin is at the height of its regeneration period overnight, nighttime masks are the perfect choice to support your skin’s natural hydration process.

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