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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its face mask guidelines late last week, recommending disposable masks like KN95s and N95s instead of cloth masks. KF94 masks are another popular option as far as protective disposable masks go. These masks have an ergonomic three-panel design with an adjustable nose bridge and chin cover that offers a comfortable, secure fit on the face. If you’re in the market for a KF94 of your own, Maskc, a brand known for its comfortable disposable face masks, just launched its own version

Maskc’s new KF94 Face Masks come in a pack of 10. Each mask has a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of greater than or equal to 94 percent. The mask is made with four layers, including a non-woven exterior layer, two center layers made from non-woven and meltblown fabrics, and a soft inner layer that’s gentle on the skin. An adjustable nose clip and chin cover help create a secure fit on the face, solving the problem of many other masks that don’t create a proper seal to block respiratory droplets. The mask also has stretchy elastic ear loops that make it comfortable to wear for hours on end. 

The masks are currently only available in black, although since Maskc is known for its bold colors and patterns, we wouldn’t be surprised if more options were available soon.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, protective face mask to replace your cloth mask, check out this pick from Maskc. But don’t wait to shop, since the brand’s disposable masks have been selling out quickly. And since they’re brand new and in high demand, these masks start shipping on January 22 when you order now.

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