Mung bean and selenium face masks could alleviate ageing issues – clinical trial –

The whitening was mainly caused by the inhibitory effects of the broth on tyrosinase activity, whereas the active substances for anti-ageing and moisturising were the phenols, peptides and free amino acids.

As a micronutrient for human health, selenium has a detoxifying and antioxidant effect on the skin. It is also among the four internationally-recognised antioxidants that promote the breakdown of peroxides and protects haemoglobin in cells from damage.

On the other hand, the mung bean is an important legume that is widely planted in temperate and subtropical regions. It contains a myriad of potential bioactivities, like being antioxidant, anti-tumour and anti-bacterial.

The study titled The Whitening, Moisturizing, Anti-aging Activities, and Skincare Evaluation of Selenium-Enriched Mung Bean Fermentation Broth ​was published in the journal Frontiers of Nutrition.

“Since the cell walls of selenium-enriched mung beansare difficult to break (down) (the main components are cellulose and pectin), the various active substances in the cells cannot be fully utilised.

“Hence, biological fermentation can rupture the cell walls of tissues and break down macromolecular substances into small molecular substances, thereby releasing a variety of nutrients or active substances,”​ said the researchers.

To conduct the study, the researchers created a face mask with various ingredients and commissioned it to be produced by Shanghai Guzidi Industrial Co. Ltd. The cultures Lactobacillus helveticus​ and Bifidobacteria​ assisted the fermentation process.

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