Over 25% Of People Prefer This Type Of Face Mask – The List

According to The List’s survey, 27.6% of people’s favorite face mask is a peel-off mask! A peel-off mask has a cream-like consistency that hardens onto the skin for an easy removal. There is something so satisfying (yet slightly gross) about seeing all the dirt and oils a peel off mask unclogs from your pores when you remove it piece by piece.

In second place with 25.63% of the vote was an exfoliating mask, a scrub-like mask that cleans out your pores without harming your skin, per Derm Collective. Just over 20% of people prefer the gentle lotion consistency of a cream mask, while another 13.80% opt for clay masks that stiffen your face as it dries.

Products with charcoal in them have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, but you might want to think twice before using a charcoal face mask, as it only received 6.81% of the vote. In last place was the sheet mask (6.09%), an easy-apply mask that can be found at nearly every drugstore. Sheet masks consist of thin fabric cut into the shape of a face, soaked in a mix of antioxidants and ingredients that promise to moisturize and refresh your face.

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