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It might be safe to say we’re at the point in the pandemic where face masks have converged on a plane of both fashion and function. Masks are no longer simply protective measures, they add touch of flair and express a little personality ― at least for the many celebrities who have sampled the fashion forward and chic mask offerings of MaskC.

Available in patterns, bold neons and simple, flattering neutrals, these masks have been worn by the likes of Eva Longoria, Jennifer Garner and even a Kardashian or two. Although it doesn’t really matter what a celeb chooses to put on their face, or that there might be some serious influencer marketing going on, these stars just might be on to something when it comes to fashionable protection.

MaskC sells two main kinds of masks: non-woven surgical-style masks and KN95s, one of the CDC’s recommended masks for best COVID-19 protection. Both options are breathable and lightweight enough to do anything in them, from running errands to working out.

The three-ply surgical-style mask’s first layer is ultra soft and moisture-proof, while the other two are non-woven fabric that the company claims offers a bacterial filtration efficacy of 95% or higher.

MaskC also says its KN95 masks offer a BFE of or more than 95%. Each has an ergonomically designed shape for comfort as well as a five-ply construction that includes air cotton filtration, polyolefin fiber and a skin-soft layer that won’t cause irritation.

To see all of MaskC’s mask colors, styles and patterns, keep reading below.

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A variety pack of KN95 masks in electric hues

Give your COVID-19 protection some excitement with this 10-pack of KN95 masks in neon colors like electric teal, hot pink and lemon yellow. Sophie Ritchie has been seen wearing the lime green mask.

An extra large pack of basic black KN95 masks

A 10-pack of KN95 masks in neutral tones

The earthy shades variety pack contains five different mask in colors including clay, rose and tan, which can easily blend with any outfit. You may have already seen Hillary Duff wearing the coral and clay shades from this variety pack.

A pack of KN95 masks in a variety of blush tones

This 10-pack of rosy-hued masks contains five different colors like mauve, pastel pink and rose red. Both Jennifer Garner and Jenna Dewan have been seen wearing the pastel pink mask in this collection.

A simple and versatile 10-pack of surgical-style masks in neutral shades

A pack of 10 KN95 masks in spring colors

This cheery collection of masks contains colors like periwinkle, teal and lime green that have been worn by likes of Joe Jonas and Bella Hadid. You can also get these spring hues in a pack of 25 for $85.

A pink palette variety pack of surgical-style masks

This pink-forward variety 10-piece pack of triple-ply surgical-style masks contains solid colors, tie dye prints, butterfly patterns and more.

A pack of easy-to-wear jaguar face masks

Celebrities Lucy Hale and Olivia Palermo have been spotted wearing this simply chic leopard print surgical-style mask. This pack comes with 10 soft disposable masks in a resealable bag for easy storage and portability.

A pack KN95 masks in a classic plaid print

This pack of 10 masks offers the protection you can expect from a KN95 mask while adding a twist to a simple black mask.

A fun and simple star-patterned surgical-style mask

This cream-colored surgical-style mask featuring a smattering of deep navy colored stars and has been seen on the likes of Alessandra Ambrosia. The resealable pack comes with 10 masks.

A 10-pack of black KN95 masks in a flattering shape

Unlike the pointed structure of traditional KN95 masks, this option features a more rounded shape while offering the same level of protection you can expect from a mask of this variety.

A mix of jeweled tones KN95 masks

This pack of 10 masks come in five color options ranging from rich burgundy to lavender to soft mauve.

A cool blue camo mask for kids

This pack of 10 comfortable and lightweight surgical-style masks comes in a monochromatic blue camouflage print in a smaller size perfect for kids.

A pack of kids masks in a fun Paris print

This pack includes 10 comfortable and easy to wear three-ply surgical-style masks just for kids featuring a Paris print in light pink. You can also get solid magenta and blush pink masks in kid’s sizes for $18.

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