Should You Be Wearing Lip Balm Under Your Face Mask? – The List

The skincare market is filled with great lip balm options. Chances are, you already have a few dozen lying around. You probably have your favorites: one for daytime, one for an intense overnight mask, one for a bit of color — the options are endless. 

Among the countless choices, mint-scented lip balms are popular because they’re refreshing and can offer a subtle plumping effect. Many people like that mint is a natural ingredient, too. However, while lip balms under face masks are necessary, you may want to skip your minty one. 

Women’s Health shared that minty lip balms under a face mask are a recipe for disaster. Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Jasmine Mohadjer explains, “Any highly fragrant material on your face or lips can cause irritation of the eyes including reflex tearing.” 

Dermatologist Dr. Papri Sarkar explains that, when you’re wearing a mask, the powerful odors of a minty lip balm have “less of an ability to dissipate into the surrounding air.” She adds: “So they’re traveling under the mask and towards the eyes at a higher rate than they would if the lip balm was applied without a mask on.”

So, it’s safer to avoid intense fragrances under your mask in general, especially minty ones. Stick to something subtle, like the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF 15, per PopSugar.

No matter what, make sure to keep that mask on and those lips sealed — with a thick layer of lip balm. 

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