Spain to Lift Face Mask Requirement on April 20 – –

The Spanish authorities have announced that the country will lift the mask requirement on April 20.

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“On April 19, a Royal Decree will be taken to the Council of Ministers by virtue of which masks will no longer be mandatory in interior spaces, in general. The measure will take effect on April 20,” the Spanish Ministry of Interior wrote on its official Twitter account, stating the words of the Minister of Health.

Since a large number of persons choose to take a trip outside their country during the Easter holidays, the government has suggested that the requirement gets lifted on April 20 in order to avoid any surge in infection cases, reports.

At a press conference held at the Palacio de Fuensalida in Toledo, the Minister of Health of Spain, Carolina Darias, said that face masks would no longer be mandatory when accessing indoor places.

This means that all travellers and citizens of Spain will now be able to enter bars, cafes, restaurants, theatres, museums, shopping centres, and other events without being required to wear a face mask.

However, it has been noted that the requirement will continue to remain in place for those working or visiting healthcare facilities.

Even though Spain has already lifted the majority of its national COVID-19 restrictions, the country still requires travellers to meet entry rules.

>> Spain Prolongs COVID-19 Entry Restrictions Despite Easter Holidays Approaching

Currently, Spain requires all incoming travellers to present valid COVID-19 proof. According to the Ministry of Health, travellers from the European Union/European Economic Area are permitted restriction-free entry only if they hold a valid vaccination, recovery, or test certificate.

A vaccination certificate is considered valid when reaching Spain if the document proves that its holder has completed vaccination in the last nine months or has received an additional vaccine dose. On the other hand, recovery passes are only recognised if they indicate that the holder recovered from the virus in the last six months.

As for the negative COVID-19 tests, the authorities have explained that they accept both rapid antigen and PCR tests. This means that EU/EEA travellers can enter Spain even if they have not been vaccinated/recovered from the virus as long as they hold a test taken before arrival.

Spain continues to apply stricter rules for non-EU travellers. Travellers from third countries are permitted restriction-free entry to Spain only if they hold a valid vaccination or recovery certificate.

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