Telangana people in favour of retaining face mask mandate – Deccan Chronicle

Hyderabad: Over half of Telangana’s residents feel that wearing face masks should still be enforced, according to a survey. The health department has said that wearing masks is no longer mandatory.

Out of 2,001 respondents to the survey, 53 per cent were in favour of retaining the mask mandate while 22 per cent wanted to continue with no mandate. About 11 per cent replied that the mandate should be reinstated if the district positivity rate rises above 1 per cent, while 9 per cent said it should be done if the positivity rate rises above that mark in the state.

The survey was conducted by the online platform LocalCircles. It asked 2,013 respondents whether or wearing masks should be enforced for students in school. Thirty three per cent felt that masks should be compulsory only indoors while 21 per cent stated that they should be enforced both indoors and outdoors.

One in four respondents said masking should be optional for children at school, 13 per cent said kids should not be made to wear masks at all.

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