The 7 Best Nontoxic Face Masks That Have So Much Hype – Who What Wear

Even though I’m relatively conservative when it comes to my skincare collection—I’m extremely exclusive with the small selection of cleansers, serums, and moisturizers I’ll touch—face masks are the one category I kind of go crazy for. The limit *truly* does not exist, and even if I collected 100, I’d continue to stockpile. After all, there are new brands and new masks coming out at an exponential cadence, and there’s always something exciting and super innovative on the horizon. 

I love tailoring my mask to my mood, climate, and skin concerns (all of which consistently fluctuate), and I look forward to my weekly masking ritual like some people look forward to a glass of wine or the latest installment of Real Housewives. That said, since I do have finicky, acne-prone skin, I can’t get too overzealous with my trials and application (I’m pretty sure trying something new every single night would be a disaster for my skin), so I recruited the rest of the WWW edit team to help me review and test seven of the best non-toxic face masks on the market right now. Some are cult-loved best-sellers, some are brand new launches, and some are so pretty they’re almost too perfect-looking to apply! Below are seven of the best non-toxic face masks money can buy, plus team WWW’s honest reviews and thoughts for each. Pick your poison!

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