The Best Face Masks for Small Heads So You Can *Finally* Have One That Fits – PureWow

1. Sevenforce KN95 Face Masks

Our very own Editor in Chief, Jillian Quint, is a self-proclaimed small-headed human herself, and she reaches for these KN95s from Sevenforce. “It’s snug around my nose and cheeks, but breathable and wearable for long periods of time,” she says. We do feel inclined to point out that although these are KN95s, they are also made for kids and as such are not NIOSH-approved. But fret not, since NIOSH only evaluates adult equipment, no children masks have yet received their stamp of approval. That said, according to the CDC, Sevenhouse’s manufacturer delivers masks that filter up to 95 percent of particles.

$35; $30 at Amazon

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