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If you’re like me, you’re probably looking forward to a packed social calendar for the summer filled with exciting travel plans. Despite having so many new adventures to look forward to, I’m still a little nervous about flying during the pandemic. Even in light of the recent mask mandates, I still prefer to wear a face covering in public spaces for extra peace of mind against COVID-19. This is especially true when traveling, since the federal transportation mask mandate is still in place. And KN95s, in particular, are a great option for travelers since they provide more protection than loosely woven cloth masks, according to the CDC.

But, as I’ve quickly learned over the last two years, not every mask is made the same. A mask that might seem well-fitting when you first put it on doesn’t necessarily mean it will hold up when you’re on the move. And, let’s be real, there’s no time to deal with an uncomfortable mask when you’re shuffling through airport security, hustling to your gate, wrestling with your suitcase at baggage claim, or hailing a cab. 

Thankfully, Evolvetogether frequently restocks its masks, but you just have to know when to shop. In fact, the face mask brand just treated shoppers to a massive restock of its best-selling KN95s. Today, you can get the Evolvetogether KN95 masks in the popular black, white, beige, pink, and green colors, each of which has been sold out for months. The disposable face masks come in a set of five and are priced at $15 per pack. Based on previous restocks, you can bet that they won’t be available for long, so you’ll want to add them to your cart ASAP. 

So, what’s so special about these masks anyway? Thanks to their four-layer FDA-registered design and double filtration system, they’re able to reduce your exposure to bacterial and viral particles by up to 95 percent. The masks also have a face-hugging fit that manages to feel protective and secure while remaining lightweight and breathable, which is something I’ve noticed other masks are never quite able to achieve. Evolvetogether’s KN95 is one of the only masks that fit my face perfectly, and I love that I can wear it confidently without worrying about it slipping down.

Thoughtful details like no-tug ear loops and a hidden nose bridge further assist with the mask’s protective performance while enhancing its comfortable feel — so much so that I’ve forgotten I was wearing one on a six-hour flight, a sweaty day at Disneyland, and a high-energy concert.  

Additionally, they’re water-resistant and made from hypoallergenic and latex-free materials, which is great if you have sensitive skin like me and are prone to irritation from your face coverings.

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