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Countries Without Mask Mandates

We’ve all become accustomed to wearing masks in the last two years—especially when we’re traveling. However, some countries have already removed their mask mandates. 

As a result, travelers are free to make their own decisions on wearings masks in these nations:

1. The United Kingdom 

The United Kingdom has removed its legal requirement for travelers and citizens to wear masks. Although the U.K. government still recommends wearing masks in crowded spaces, travelers are free to make their own decisions. 

Because of devolution, the nations of the United Kingdom can make their own decisions on masks:

  • Scotland – Scotland has kept the mask mandate throughout the pandemic; however, this will end on March 21. 
  • Wales – Wales still has a mask mandate in shops, gyms, salons, etc. Most travelers, however, won’t visit Wales during their U.K. trip (although it’s beautiful there.)
  • Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland has removed the requirement to wear masks
  • England – England has removed the requirement to wear masks. 

2. Ireland 

Ireland has scrapped the legal requirement to wear masks in public places. Although they still recommend wearing masks in crowded places, there are no longer any laws. Until last month, the Irish government mandated the use of masks in shops, pubs, hotels, and other hospitality settings.

The government now only suggests mask-wearing if you’re vulnerable to COVID-19, if you’d tested positive, or you’re visiting a healthcare setting. Ireland has also become one of the world’s first nations to scrap all travel restrictions, making it one of the best places for travelers to visit. 

3. Sweden 

The Swedish government recommends that travelers wear face masks in all indoor or crowded spaces; however, it’s not a legal requirement and travelers can make their own decision. Sweden has also removed almost all COVID-19 restrictions. 

Sweden became notorious for being the only Western nation to refuse to lockdown in 2020. And, till this day, Sweden has maintained its relaxed COVID-19 restrictions. 

4. Norway 

norway travelnorway travel

The Norwegian government recommends travelers wear face masks, but there’s no legal requirement to wear one. Norway scrapped all COVID-19 restrictions in February—including the requirement to wear face coverings in indoor areas. 

Norway has also removed all COVID-19 entry requirements for travelers, including the need to show proof of vaccination, complete a passenger locator form, and all testing requirements. 

5. Denmark

View Of Arrhus, DenmarkView Of Arrhus, Denmark

The Danish government recommends all travelers wear face masks, but there’s no longer a legal requirement to do so. Denmark became the first EU nation to remove all COVID-19 restrictions in early February. 

Just 6 weeks ago, the nation ended all restrictions on late-night alcohol sales, nightclubs, and ended the use of the Danish coronavirus app to enter venues. 

6. Canada 

Although the whole of Canada hasn’t scrapped the mask mandate, some parts of Canada no longer require face masks. For example, Alberta scrapped the legal requirement to wear masks in all indoor areas other than hospitals. 

Furthermore, British Columbia removed the mask mandate everywhere but doctor’s offices, patient contact areas, and federally regulated workplaces. We will keep you posted as the rest of Canada removes the mask mandate. 

7. The United States

NYC in winterNYC in winter

All states in the United States have ended the mask mandate. Hawaii became the last U.S. state to end the mask mandate for indoor venues this month. Most U.S. states recommend wearing face coverings in indoor venues, but it’s up to the discretion of the individual from March 26. 

The Hawaiian governor said: “We’re committed to moving the state forward and learning to live with Covid,” However, the U.S. government still mandates the use of face coverings on public transport, including airplanes and trains. 

Final Thoughts

Most of the world still mandates the use of face coverings in indoor environments. In Asia, face masks are culturally normal even when there’s no pandemic. Europe, however, still has relatively strict mask requirements in most areas despite decreasing COVID-19 restrictions. 

We’ll update you when more countries drop mask mandates.

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