Video of Two Birds’ Car Ride in Face Mask Hammocks Divides Opinion – Newsweek

A viral video of birds riding in face mask hammocks in a moving car has divided opinions online with many sharing safety concerns.

The viral post shared in the r/aww Reddit group by user purple-circle split the online viewers, who shared their opinions about two birds as well as the driver.

While many adored the perceived cuteness of the two birds in small hammocks, others noted serious concerns about the safety of the driver, passengers and the pets themselves.

In the clip, two cockatiels could be seen sitting in face masks that had been wrapped above the window, giving an effect of a swimming hammock as the car moved along the highway.

Stock image of a cockatiel
Stock image of a cockatiel. The clip was viewed thens of thousands of times online.

But VCA Animal Hospitals said birds should be transported in containers that have food for them during the journey.

VAC added: “If traveling by car, birds may be transported in small cages. Bird carriers that contain perches and small food cups also are commercially available for travel.

“It is not safe for your bird to be roaming freely in the car while you are driving.”

Since being shared earlier today (Monday, August 29), the post has attracted some 33,900 upvotes and nearly 400 comments.

Opinions were divided online with many noting how cute the video was and others pointing out potential hazards. One user said: “I can’t believe everywhere has been wearing bird hammocks since the pandemic started.”

While a second simply joked: “Masked, and six tweet apart.”

Others noted the birds could distract a driver and noted there were several potential safety hazards in putting the birds in hammocks.

One said: “It doesn’t have to be a large predatory bird to cause a problem my friend. Why don’t you get behind the wheel of a car and let someone toss a small object at your face. I’m sure it won’t cause you any distractions at all.”

Another posted: “I had the same thought. A couple of birds flying around the car would be super distracting while driving.”

Newsweek has contacted purple-circle for comment.

There have been cases where pets have become trapped in vehicles after they moved around inside.

Earlier this year, Richmond Animal Care and Control managed to retrieve a ginger and white cat after it became trapped in the dashboard of a vehicle.

Thankfully, the kitten was given back to the vehicle’s owner 18 minutes after the firefighters arrived on the scene.

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