Why do we still wear face masks? Answers to this question and more – The Loop – University of Iowa Health Care

There are some questions we know you likely hear from patients and visitors, and may even have asked yourself: Why do we still have to wear masks? Why can’t patients have more visitors? When can we go back to “normal?”

These questions are being asked more often as the policies and guidance around COVID-19 continue to shift on location, state, regional, and national levels. Many other local health care systems have also recently altered their guidance related to COVID-19.

You may even be wondering why UI Health Care hasn’t followed suit.

Following the data

The short answer? We base our safety standards on data, and we do not believe COVID levels in our community are low enough yet to be able to make changes. We’re following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) based on the data in our county, just like other hospitals are doing in theirs. Currently, Johnson County is experiencing high levels of community transmission. With increased transmission of the virus in our community, it’s important we keep our safety standards in place to protect those who require our care.

What this means for UI Health Care

Tracking the data provides us with benchmarks to help determine what safety strategies are necessary.

It’s also important to remember that within UI Health Care we care for the sickest patients in Iowa, meaning our safety standards must be high to keep those in our care safe.

And finally, thank you. Your diligence in following our safety standards has allowed UIHC to continue to provide care for our patients, community, and local region.

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